Dmitry Kitsenko

Born in Ukraine, he studied composition with Solomon Lobel at Chisinau Institute of Arts (Moldova), improved his composer skill with Tiberiu Olah at Bucharest Academy of Music, (Romania).

He has works of various genres: five symphonies, thirteen concertos for different instruments and ensembles, six cantatas, chamber instrumental music, chorus music as well as music for children.

His works have been performed at recitals and concerts in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Armenia, Finland, Denmark, USA, Austria, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and Spain.

He has participated in different festivals such as The Days of New Music (Chisinau, 1991-2001), Musica Nova (Sofia, 1998), Martisor (Chisinau, 1999), World Music Days 99 (Romania - Moldova), Music Premieres of Season (Kyiv, 2003- 2011, 2016), Kyiv Music Fest 2003-2010 and Subtropics Festival (Miami, Florida, 2013).

He is the prizewinner of the Moldova Composers and Musicologists Union Award (1998, 2000, 2001). His works have been recorded and broadcasted by Denmarks Radio, Radio Romania, Radio Moldova, Radio Moscow and Radio Ukraine.

He is listed in the Musik Gesellschaft und Gegenwart (Germany), The New Grove of Music and Musicians (Oxford Dictionary, England), Encyclopedia of the Modern Ukraine, and The Ukrainian Musical Encyclopedia.

Master of Arts (2000).